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A little slice of home

September 8, 2016

As a born and bred weegie (person from Glasgow), Lorne sausage was something I remember as kid.  Sliced sausage for those of you not familiar with the Lorne bit. Basically a flat sausage you eat in slices. Food from my childhood generally brings happy memories, but its been a long long time since Lorne sausage was something that found its way onto my plate.


Hence with a mixture of amusement and anticipation I just had to try some vegan, plant based  Lorne "sausage" made by the folk from More than Meat (visit their cool website  http://morethanmeat.co.uk/ ).


We tried some of the More than Lorne Sausage at breakfast.  Dash of organic coconut oil, then cooked in the pan for 10 or so minutes with some organic mushrooms.  The texture I would say is more loaf like than it is sausage like.  Definitely unlike all those "seitan" inspired Mheat textures. But pleasant enough when shared with a dollop of Biona's organic mustard and a gluten free pitta. Worth a try I would say.



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