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Work had me making the relatively short hop over to Jersey in the Channel Islands for a few days in the week just past. Its a trip I've made more than a few times in the recent past but the prospect of an overnight stay had me pondering where to find a vegan dinner menu somewhere.

For folk of my vintage a bit of detective work on Jersey means only one thing - the early 80s show Bergerac. So just for old times sake here is a wee reminder..

Back to the present and this modern day detective has the benefit of google. One search and I was homing in on the only viable looking option in my search for some evening vegan nosh. I landed on The Green Olive restaurant. The google listing had provoked a memory from a previous visit to Jersey that this place was a vegetarian cafe.

That memory would prove to be false but The Green Olive offered pleasant surroundings close to the hotel and the advertising did mention vegetarian dishes. So I remained hopeful. One Tripadvisor review had also mentioned some vegan options.

Anyway the good news is with very little cajoling required a very pleasing 3 course vegan evening meal was enjoyed by moi. Starter was Soup of the day - a lovely and pleasantly spiced butternut squash soup. The main was off the menu with one alteration. A very nice oven baked vegetable samosa served on a red lentil dahl. The menu offers the dish with a mustard seed and mint yoghurt, but my alternative dressing made with coconut creme was just divine.

I was ready to halt at that point thinking that vegan dessert would be beyond the kitchen. But a very simple dish of fresh pineapple and strawberry served with coconut ice cream was a really nice way to wrap things up.

So 2 things learnt on this trip. First, a little detective work can go a long way and second, Jersey might not be a vegan nirvana (yet) but you can still enjoy vegan food presented and cooked to a very high standard.

One last plug, another place in Jersey that I enjoy and offering fresh, organic, raw and many vegan options is the very funky Moo.

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