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Happy Cows say Moo

Another hop to the Channel Islands saw this accidental traveller on an evening hunt for yet more vegan food on the streets of Jersey.

This time my newly installed Happy cow app was my guide and am I pleased to say it didn't disappoint. Unawatuna was my destination of choice. Sri Lankan cuisine is new to me and the reviews on Happy Cow spoke glowingly of vegan options.

Uawatuna proved to be a delight. The menu headlined 5 or 6 vegetarian mains but in reality they were all vegan. Choices have rarely been so good.

I opted to start with the red lentil soup followed by the Kalu Atta (black eye bean) curry which did wonders for me following a food free working day.

The dessert menu brought forth a genuine LOL.

Just for Vegans, Just for Everyone

My eyes were drawn immediately to the vegan ice cream that was JUST for vegans. I knew what they meant. Just for vegans is another way of saying just for everyone.

Another Happy Cow delight (pun unintentional) to be found on Jersey is the fab raw food eatery Moo.

A lunchtime eatery I had visited before doing mostly take away, but where I enjoyed next day a lovely quinoa burger with 3 salads (bean, wheatberry and kale) accompanied by a raw Moonshine jhinuice.

The serving assistant revealed she was also vegan and lunchtime concluded with a great chat about the ethics of being vegan. It was then time to start the homeward journey, but things are definitely on the up for a vegan Jersey.

Quinoa burger with bean, wheatberry and kale salads

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