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School (Dinners are) Out for our hungry vegans

Becoming vegan has been decidedly good for our children on a number of levels. For starters it has encouraged them to take ownership of making up their lunch boxes. Their respective school menus still offer next to no concsiously vegan fare. Their response? Simple. "We'll make our own packed lunches, Dad. All you have to do it pay for the stuff we would like".

Well here's 2 school lunch recipe ideas they have come up with.


School Lunch #1 - Organic Rice & Bean Salad

White Organic Basmati Rice

Organic (Suma) Black Beans

Organic (Suma) Chickpeas

Organic Red Pepper

Small organic onion

Splash of Organic Balsamic Vinegar

School Lunch #1 : Rice and Bean Salad


School Lunch #2 - BBQ Chickpea Naan Wrap

Organic (Suma) Chickpeas

Organic Green Peppers

Organic Courgette

Dollop of Biona Organic BBQ Sauce

& all enclosed in a dairy free plain naan

Enjoyed with a Chocolate Rice Milk


Simple to prepare. And all created in their imaginations. Enjoy!

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