What's the point of running a food shop if you don't get to enjoy the products? We always love trying stuff that is new to us. So we hope you enjoy us sharing some thoughts and posts about the foods we try and the recipes we like:    

December 31, 2016

As 2016 winds down and 2017 beckons, here at Friendly Foods we've been reflecting on the year now nearly past. And what a year.  A year that saw our whole family embrace all things vegan and in the process create Friendly Foods.  A true whirlwind of a year. We've met m...

November 21, 2016

Finding Vegan food to eat and enjoy in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands

October 8, 2016

Work had me making the relatively short hop over to Jersey in the Channel Islands for a few days in the week just past.  Its a trip I've made more than a few times in the recent past but the prospect of an overnight stay had me pondering where to find a vegan dinner me...

September 29, 2016

We had the pleasure of a recent trip to Glasgow as a surprise for my parents who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  As part of the trip we had arranged a mystery lunch for them.  They didn't know where lunch was (until they arrived in the chauffeur drive...

September 8, 2016

As a born and bred weegie (person from Glasgow), Lorne sausage was something I remember as kid.  Sliced sausage for those of you not familiar with the Lorne bit. Basically a flat sausage you eat in slices. Food from my childhood generally brings happy memories, but its...

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January 30, 2017

January 29, 2017

January 28, 2017

January 27, 2017

January 26, 2017

January 25, 2017